Grace’s List

Today I was sad. No one played with me. I played by myself all day. I do not like playing by myself. Mommy and I came up with a list of things to do.
1. Read

2. Draw pictures

3. Ask someone new to play

Do you know anything else I can do?


3 thoughts on “Grace’s List

  1. Nana says:

    Gracie, I am so sad that you didn’t have a good day today.How about you do something fun like coloring or modeling with clay and your friends will see how much fun you are having and join in..
    Keep a smile on your face and tomorrow will be a better day. 🙂
    Love. Nana

  2. Anthony says:

    Hey honey I am sorry you were sad. I am impressed you are able to talk about it and ask for ideas. Always know that Mommy and Daddy are here to help OR to just listen. Sounds like you have some pretty great ideas already.

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