About D.C.

Grace and Sam and Mommy and Daddy went to D.C.! It was fun. We went to a movie. The movie was 3-D. The movie was about Monarch butterflies. The cycle of the butterfly goes over and over! I can’t wait to go there again!


Rock Climbing

Do you like rock climbing? You should try it. I had to wear a helmet and harness. The harness hurt because it was tight. The girl that pulled the rope did not help me. She helped other people. Rock climbing is cool.



I think cupcakes are yummy.

This is the way you make cupcakes:

1. You get a bowl.

2. You get the box.

3. You put the mix in the bowl.

4. You mix the mix.

5. You put the mix in a pan and then you put it in the oven.

6. You put the frosting on and decorations.

7. You eat it!



Sports are cool. I do swimming and gymnastics. I like gymnastics because we get  to swing on the bars! I like swimming because we do kicking catch! At the end of the class we do games.


The Ponies

We drove from Compass to Greenville to Warrenton. It was a long drive. I got carsick. And then we got to the Warrenton Pony Show. Then we ate lunch. Then we went to the Port-A-Potty. Then we went to the stables. I liked watching the horses jump the best. It was hot. After I saw the horses jump, I was ready to go home.



Today we wanted to go to the pool. When we got there, we swam for five minutes. Then the guard of the pool said we had to get out. There was a thunderstorm. We were very disappointed and sad. Then we came home. We decided to watch movies and have a sweet treat. This made me feel better.